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About theVIBEonline

Music, It's the heartbeat of our lives, the rhythm that keeps us going. And when it comes to Christian music, The Vibe is where it's at! Custom designed to meet the demand for modern Christian music that's both relevant and exciting. With a pop culture, mainstream vibe that never compromises Christian values, Pop, EDM, Hip-hop, R&B Alt, Aaaand yup, even CCM & Worship too. It's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to fill life with music that inspires, motivates, and encourages. 


We're all about spreading good vibes and praising God no matter what's going on in life. We got you covered with a diverse range of genres.

Get ready to vibe out to some fire lyrics & beats.


these Christian songs slaps!


Be a constant praise party regardless of the season of life we may be going thru.  Be a catalyst for praise in the bad, & in the good.  Be the station that constantly encourages you, leads to the Lord and glorifies God with each and every song that plays

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